About Me

Hello! My name is Jessica Joy Rangel. I am 34 years old, married to my husband for 11 img_4630years and we are from California. We have a 5 year old daughter who is Kindergarten whom we adopted domestically at birth. We now live in the PNW where I stay home keeping up the house the best I can (I’m kind of a messy gal), do laundry, try and stay up on this blog, prepare meals for my family, walk our super energetic, loving and beautiful 2 year old yellow lab, and get ready for expanding our family.

My favorite colors are yellow and red and I love to dance to really loud music. I love all foods and have a husband who blows so many restaurants out of the water when it comes to cooking. I am always cold except when I’m not on hormones, then unfortunately I am always profusely sweating (thanks POF). I love to sleep and would love to lay in my bed all day, but don’t very often. I love to write but often have a hard time getting started so then procrastinate until I don’t write anything…

This blog is for informational purposes regarding infertility and POF and also to connect with other like minded people that share some of the same hopes and dreams as I do.

I have an instagram where you can follow my journey- jessjoyrangelsembryoadoption

I would love to connect with others through my blog so please don’t be shy!

I look forward to whats next and sharing it with you all! Thank you!